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Brand NEW CD Still In Plastic.

The Spirit Of David

When The Spirit Of The Lord

Oh Give Thanks (Psalm 136)

Shout Unto God (Psalm 47)

Keeping My Mind (Psalm 119:97)

No Weapon (Psalm 27:3)

Blessings and Honor (Psalm 45:6)

Success Is In Your Hand (Psalm 37:4,5)

Dwell (Psalm 91:1)

Promise Keeper (Psalm 37:25)

The Lord Is Good (Psalm 100:5)

Draw Nigh (Psalm 42:1)

Breathe Into Me Oh Lord (Psalm 119:25)

Prodigal Son (Psalm 32:5)

Lo I Am With You (Psalm 23:4)

Call Me Righteous (Romans 4:5-8)